Tagg Code™ T1 Series | Sport Band Adjustment

Adjusting / Fitting your Tagg Code Sport Band

Please note, you will need a pair of scissors and a flat screwdriver or something to use to pry the jaw clasp open before you begin...

Step 1

Take your new Tagg Code Sport Band and open the clasp.

Step 2

When looking at the inside of the clasp, you will see that one end of the silicone band has a pin hinge and the other end fits into a jaw clasp. Locate the jaw clasp.

Step 3

Once the jaw clasp is located use a flat screwdriver to open the jaw clasp.

Step 4

Remove the band from the jaw clasp.

Step 5

Close the complete clasp as if you were wearing the band.

Step 6

Wrap the band around your wrist to a comfortable fit.

Please note the ribs on the inside of the band.

When measuring, be sure to measure the length of the band to the edge of the clasp as depicted in the following picture. Use the closest rib for your measurement.

Step 7

Before you cut the band, cut the band two ribs longer than you measured to ensure there is enough material to put back into the clasp and to achieve your exact measurement.

Cut the band.

Step 8

After you have cut the band, place the end you cut back into the jaw clasp and close the jaw clasp tightly.

Step 9

Place the band on your wrist, close the clasp and enjoy!!! If your band is still to loose, repeat the steps above and just remove a rib at a time until you get the appropriate fit. If you happen to cut your band too short, please contact Customer Service at (877) 640-2633 Option 2.

If for any reason you experience problems or need assistance, contact Tagg Code Customer Service at (877) 640-2633 Option 2.