Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of wearing a Tagg Code wristband?

Tagg Code is using the newest technology to protect you 24/7. Regardless of where you are and what you are doing, if you are wearing one of our wristbands, you ARE protected. Our live call centers are responsible for contacting the individuals on your emergency contact list and patch the calls between the first responders and your contacts. Tagg Code Representatives release ONLY the medical information you CHOOSE to be released to the people you CHOOSE for it to be released to. Without medical identification, following an accident hours can pass before you are appropriately identified. In the mean time, life saving treatment may be withheld because the medial staff are unaware or your identity and your medical needs or history. With the Tagg Code System, the time between an accident and the medical staff knowing everything they need to know to make the correct life saving choices has been reduced to seconds. After all, in an emergency, seconds are the difference between life and death.

I have seen emergency contact wristbands before, what makes Tagg Code different?

Tagg Code provides live help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our state of the art technology protects your emergency information from being seen by everyone. It can only be accessed in the situations when it is necessary to be accessed. Our system requires no messy data input during an emergency. One scan and a push of a button and Tagg Code takes over the rest, contacting your emergency contacts for you, delivering medical information to those working to save your life, and informing the medical staff of YOUR wishes. Tagg Code is PROTECTING you when you CANNOT protect yourself. Our system ensures you are not taking any chances with your health and identity.

Is my medical information safe?

All of your medical information is not stored on the wristband itself, but instead encrypted and stored on our secure data server, which only your PIN can access.

Who can use the Tagg Code system?

Any smart phone on any carrier can scan a Tagg Code wristband and be directed to our emergency contact call center. We believe YOUR health and protection should not be limited to a specific cell phone carrier.

Can someone steal my medical information or identity if they get my wristband?

No! The only information someone can directly access via scanning your wristband is the medical alert information YOU choose to have available. Medical personnel or individuals you have provided with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) can only access your complete medical history. Also, you may also give your emergency contacts permission to release your medical data to medical personnel; which means a Tagg Code Representative must reach one of your emergency contacts before any of your medical information can be transferred to first responders.

Who can see the medical information I give to Tagg Code?

Your medical information is recorded online through our encrypted secure server. Once your information has been added, it can only be accessed through a self-assigned PIN. Your information is not visible to any Tagg Code employee without this identification number; this ensures your medical information is only accessible when YOU need it and by the people certified to save YOUR life.

If there is an emergency, what happens?

If there is an emergency and your wristband is scanned, the person that scans the wristband only needs to touch the “EMERGENCY” button that appears on their smart phone after scanning. Instantly, this person is connected to our 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency contact center where a live representative will verify the identity of the wristband owner and begin contacting their listed emergency contacts. As soon as an emergency contact is reached, this person is notified of the accident and our live operators patch the call to the medical personal so that your emergency contact can talk directly to the people working to save your life. The ENTIRE phone conversation is recorded for your protection, and based on the settings you have selected; your DESIRED medical information is released to the medical personnel.

What do I do if I lose my wristband?

Simply log on to the Tagg Code website under your member profile and delete the wristband that has been misplaced. As soon as this is done, the current identification number on the misplaced wristband is inactivated so that it cannot be used by anyone else and is rendered useless. You can then acquire a new wristband with a new code; your medical information will not need to be adjusted, as Tagg Code will automatically link your medical information to the new coded wristband. There will be no gap in coverage or protection of our members.

Can I get a replacement wristband or a spare wristband?

Yes. Contact us via and you purchase an additional product(s) that can be attached to your account

How can I be sure my information is readily available when I need it?

The Tagg Code Call Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect our members. As long as you are wearing your wristband and someone scans it, the Tagg Code Team has your back.

What if I want to change my contact information or medical information?

All of our members create a unique username and password that allows access to update ANY of their medical information, emergency contacts, or preferences online at ANY TIME, because, convenience is not always between the hours of 9 and 5.

If I have questions can I call and talk to a live representative?

Yes. Live representatives are available to help answer any of your questions at (877) 640-CODE. You can also contact us via email or message us on Facebook and Twitter.

Will Tagg Code share my information with other companies for marketing purposes?

No. Tagg Code information is stored securely as encrypted data, with access only available via a PIN. It is our team’s promise to you that NONE of your information will be sold or shared with any other company.

Do I have to be an athlete or participate in a team sport to have Tagg Code protection and get a Tagg Code wristband?

No. Our wristbands are designed for athletes and those that have never played a sport in their life. Our concept is for ANYONE that cares about HIS OR HER health and wants to CONTROL what can happen when you are at your most vulnerable.

Do I only need to wear my wristband when playing sports?

The Tagg Code wristband is designed for you to wear at all times. It is waterproof, sweat proof, needs no recharging, and is as durable as you are. While the wristband does offer emergency contact information and medical information, it also serves as a springboard for your favorite social websites. The Tagg Team has combined our technology with Facebook, Twitter, and SMS services so that when a friend scans your wristband, in one click they can “follow you on Facebook”, “tweet with you on Twitter”, or send your phone a SMS. This allows you to connect with people quickly and add friends and followers much faster so you’re not left behind. That’s why the Tagg Code Team encourages everyone to “GET TAGGED IN!”

How do I adjust my Tagg Code™ T1 Series | Sport Band?

For detailed instructions on adjusting your Sport Band, please click Here